Für Dich Verlag Nr. 9
Ludo Mich

Stencil printed by Jan Matthé in St. Lauri on Riso RP 3105EP, Biotop 160g paper
Digitally printed countdown intro pages on milk paper 140g
Blindpressed cover
130mm x 199mm, 110p.
100 copies, numbered.

Reissue of an artist book/film by Ludo Mich, hand drawn in 1966, printed 1972 in Belgium by Charles and published by Filmmakers Antwerp on 500 copies. Scanned from the orinal copy owned by the artist's wife at the time, fashion designer Ann Salens (†1994). Original design by Ben Mangelschots, photos by Herman Selleslags & Raoul Van den Boom. Dedicated to the technical personel of the BRT-RTB. See Ludo in action in 1967 in this little documentary shown on national television here.

What Printed Matter wrote: "Reissue of an artist book/film by Antwerp performer, painter, filmmaker, holographer and Fluxus wildcat Ludo Mich, hand drawn in 1966, printed in 1972. Mich would draw a couple of pages a day in a room painted completely black with only a white paper on the floor, the book (or film, as he always saw it) is a wonderfully poetic and generously personal documentation of movement..."